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July 11th to August 29th
A Word that sustains me. A Guest Speaker series.

After well over a year of giving all we have to worship and pandemic shaped life, it gets tiring. It challenges our faith, and our stamina. Often this happens subtly, like abiding by small limitations over a long period of time slowly eats away at your energy and spirit. Maintaining genuine hope in these times can be a challenge.

This summer, we want to reach into the wider community of faith and ask the question, “what sustains you in your life and faith?” What word within the tradition has really serviced to sustain hope, energy and your deep connection with God over the long haul. 

July 11 - Mary Duncan

July 18 - Janet Gear

July 25 - Carmen Lansdown

August 1 - Will Sparks

August 8 - Nick Parker

August 15 - Camp Service

August 22 - Andria Irwin

August 29 - Deb Bowman